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Socialite and comedienne Felistas Edwards Better known as Mai TT took to facebook to express her disappointment and had a few words for her ex husband after he allegedly sent her $70 rtgs on her eco cash.

She Posted

Dear baba Tt.
Tapiwa Mutikani. @Tapiwa Mutikani @Tapiwa Mutikani
I don’t know if I should greet you or what but let me go straight to the point .I dont look for you ,I dont text you I dont even know were you are but you have the guts to send me 70bond in my ecocash are you for real?? What do I do with 4dolars? Gone are the mantainance days when I used to apply for it and you faked payslips so u wont pay child support.
I stopped even asking for it then you appear like a ghost with 4dolars?? Are you looking for my trouble???
Go and finish marrying your 5th wife wawakaroora nechikwereti here we are very ok without your peanuts.
I dont like you and will never like you until you bring mushonga unobvisa HIV.
You are a disgrace to me and I will not ever again tolerate your insults. Zvawakanditambudza zvakakwana shiri yakabvuta rekeni.
I send u 500 on top of 70bond yako please enjoy Christmas with your family dont worry about us .
I dont feel any pity or remorse for you even in afterlife.
Usandiitire muyedzo wakasunga mureza futi I’m going to cancel that mantainance to show you kuti hainabasa. Chero ndikatambura nevana vangu will never beg u for anything garapasi.
Enjoy the 500 I send u. You are not trying anything and please if you want to try go and finish roora revakadzi vese raunorora nezvikwereti.
Stay clearance from me.
Merry Christmas

The socialite returned the $70 & added an extra $430 and sent him back $500 rtgs and posted a screenshot with a caption

Chero mukavukura kuti ndatadzakuisira batt mari hazvichinje. Where were u when he made me suffer? Stupid dzevanhu munosapota zvisinabasa when he was abusing me even posting mahure ake on social media? You judge me who are you? If you don’t like wat I post getaway I didn’t invite you. This is Mai Ts Diaries I post what I want , when I want ,who I want. My kids dont even like him they know he abused me calling me bitch infront of my kids. Gave me HIV n the only thing he said was zvinowanika. Getaway you dont know my story sitdown. Hatinabasa naye kuchengetwa naMwari. Ibvaipano musanditonge tongayikudzimba dzenyu.
Ndichamupisa kusvika zvakanaka.
Yes I’m bitter mamatii.

The Diaries of a Mad Black woman.
Ndamuisira iyo 500 on top of peanuts dzake.
Kanamasvotwa huyay paden. Ngasanditsvage ini handimutsvage

Mai TT Eco Cash Transfer Screenshot

Check Out the posts on her facebook.

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