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Imagine you are mourning the death of your niece and Aunt then you see an image of a whole member of parliament taking selfies with a dea_d body of your niece who was sexuall_y violated before being killed.

This is the case of Zifm stereo Presenter Patience Musa who has taken to twitter to express her displeasure after member of parliament Dexter Nduna posted a selfie with the slain body of a 17 year old who was kil_led by suspected Machete- wielding gangs known as Mashurugwi or Al Shabab.

Member of Parliament Dexter Nduna, you owe my family an apology” she tweeted.

Nduna’s actions come after the police recently issued a statement condemning taking insensitive pictures and posting them.

Patience Musa

Meanwhile Mp was arrested and him together with one Chisikwa were separately charged for abuse of office and were remanded to January 21.

It is alleged that on November 13 last year, the seven unlawfully and intentionally prospected for mineral ore near David Whitehead without a licence, in contravention of the Mines and Minerals Act.

On November 12, Nduna, Chisikwa, Musengi and Gwinji reportedly met at ZRP Chegutu District Headquarters and hatched a plan to extract gold ore from David Whitehead.

They agreed to look for an excavator to extract the mineral and Gwinji opted to approach Chegutu RDC.

Nduna allegedly decided to hire a JCB excavator from Yellow Metal Tours in Kadoma and paid US$495 through Marufu.

Chisikwa ordered police officers who were guarding the site not to interfere with the excavator before the accused extracted the ore which they loaded into trucks.

They were summoned to court on Monday, following police investigations.

Prosecutor Tarisai Mutarisi represented the State.

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